:: hoshi no kakera ::

-- mo hikari no ato

Usui Shusei
3 February
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koe o kiku dake de kyori ga chijinde yuku you da / amai manatsu no yoru ga kimi no kuuki wa konda / shidare hanabi hikari no ato / te ni todoku no wa hoshi no kakera / tada hitotsu negaigoto wa / kimi to issho ni itai dake sa || Just by listening to your voice, it’s like the distance keeps shrinking / on a sweet midsummer night, the sky you looked at filled up with / branches of fireworks trickling down, traces of light / I reach for your hand; a fragment of stars / I have only one wish / to be together with you, that’s all I want.

hanasazu ni iyasu you ni || may we be healed as we’re not apart.

Usui Shusei. Zweilt Guardian. Partner to Renjou Hotsuma. "God's Sight." The broken key still jammed in the lock, a believed-to-be temporary comfort. The one who sacrifices. Who is simply for the sake of another.

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